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Watch Phil Herman draw at a party

January 29, 2010

Watch Herman Draw At Party

January 29, 2010

Herman draws man playing guitar

January 27, 2010

another short but sweet video showing close-up how painless it is to have a quick caricature done by me

Herman promo piece – friend digs Avatar

January 25, 2010
gift to friend of Avatar characters as yuppies

Avatar characters as yuppies in New Jersey

A friend of mine wanted a drawing of the characters from Avatar. Since I have not seen the movie, I created my own version of the two main characters landing in New Jersey and adjusting to life here. He wears a polo shirt and has a bottle of water and an ipod. She has a Coach bag and is wearing an Ed Hardy top. Their dragon has a collar and name tag. My friend is trying to make them feel at home by putting on fake ears.

Sherlock Holmes Finds Herman

December 30, 2009
Morton Downey Jr finds artist Herman as Dr House approaches

self-promo art for caricaturist Philip Herman

Tiger Woods caricature & limerick

December 4, 2009
Tiger Woods Neuter & De-claw by Herman

caricature of Tiger Woods caged and ready for neutering

There once was a golfer named Wood

Who’d cheat on his wife when he could

But she was no bimbo

She smashed out his window

and he quickly purred ” I’ll be good ! “

Tee Shirt Caricature From Photo

November 30, 2009


whimsical caricature of elderly couple on cruise ship watching dolphin

airbrush drawing caricature from photo


Macy’s Herald Square Caricatures For Kids By Herman

November 27, 2009

Watch Philip Herman draw quick black & white portraits on special pre-printed paper before the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Herman draws on Quikmat at Zach’s Bar Mitzvah

November 23, 2009