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Caricatures or Quick Personality Portraits Are Huge Hit at Weddings

October 16, 2012

Herman Draws in Carmel

October 15, 2012

Herman promo piece – friend digs Avatar

January 25, 2010
gift to friend of Avatar characters as yuppies

Avatar characters as yuppies in New Jersey

A friend of mine wanted a drawing of the characters from Avatar. Since I have not seen the movie, I created my own version of the two main characters landing in New Jersey and adjusting to life here. He wears a polo shirt and has a bottle of water and an ipod. She has a Coach bag and is wearing an Ed Hardy top. Their dragon has a collar and name tag. My friend is trying to make them feel at home by putting on fake ears.

Tiger Woods caricature & limerick

December 4, 2009
Tiger Woods Neuter & De-claw by Herman

caricature of Tiger Woods caged and ready for neutering

There once was a golfer named Wood

Who’d cheat on his wife when he could

But she was no bimbo

She smashed out his window

and he quickly purred ” I’ll be good ! “

Wendy Williams by Herman

September 25, 2009
HE to the R to the MAN to the ART

HE to the R to the MAN to the ART

Herman’s Got Talent

July 30, 2009
parody of the TV show America's Got Talent

parody of the TV show America's Got Talent