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Corporate Deal Toys of the Past

March 23, 2020

Spending an enormous amount of time organizing past Corporate Deal Art.

All of this art was created specifically for corporations to their instructions.


Herman Goes To Washington

March 10, 2018

artist Philip Herman was in DC a few days ago to demonstrate the versatility of the Aquos electronic whiteboard.

Philip Herman CARICATURES new VIDEO shows the artist at work at actual EVENT

April 8, 2017

Herman draws B&W & color carics with sound from Roberta Herman on Vimeo.

new VIDEO with sound shows off Philip Herman Caricatures

April 8, 2017

Philip Herman Caricatures intro movie with sound from Roberta Herman on Vimeo.

Celebrity Comedian Caricatures by Herman

April 8, 2017

AAA Celebrity Comedian Gallery by Herman

Herman Draws Wedding

November 7, 2016

Herman at Tribeca Rooftop

Herman recently performed at a beautiful wedding at Tribeca Rooftop in lower Manhattan. I provided myself and another artist, and the special paper which the bride designed, showing a VW taxi crossing the bridge.Please click on the photos for greater detail.The photo in the middle shows Herman’s desk and monitor setup, which enables the guests to watch the drawings happen in real time on a big TV screen. The idea was to draw singles or couples into the taxi, but as you can see, 7 people wanted to be drawn together in one case. Check out herman in the beret and see the exquisite flower centerpieces on the tables. In a day or two Herman will post a video of this same event. Please come back.

Philip Herman drew guests at a wedding at Half Moon restaurant in Dobb’s Ferry

January 13, 2013














short quick video of Herman drawing 2 girl musicians

October 20, 2012

Herman Draws Crowd at Cooper Classic Cars

July 21, 2011

Herman entertained an International group of Heineken executives last night at Cooper Classic Cars on Perry Street in West Greenwich Village, New York

Celebrity Caricatures

September 4, 2010
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witty usage of the names, dogs, look, etc. endears us to the realtor