Watch as the amazing fast hand of Herman draws 2 girls on broomsticks playing Quiddich

October 20, 2012

Caricatures or Quick Personality Portraits Are Huge Hit at Weddings

October 16, 2012

Herman Draws in Carmel

October 15, 2012

Herman Draws Crowd at Cooper Classic Cars

July 21, 2011

Herman entertained an International group of Heineken executives last night at Cooper Classic Cars on Perry Street in West Greenwich Village, New York

Celebrity Caricatures

September 4, 2010
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witty usage of the names, dogs, look, etc. endears us to the realtor

Hand drawn ads using celebrity caricatures

September 4, 2010

Herman’s Celebrities

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Celebrities in shades of grey

September 4, 2010

Click on the blue hilite ( Herman’s Celebrities ) below and a PowerPoint Presentation will download to your desktop showing closeups of many celebrities drawn by Herman.
Herman’s Celebrities

Herman draws digital caricature of Sylvester Stallone in Expendables

August 20, 2010

Watch Herman draw quick caricature on Cintique tablet

August 19, 2010

From a photo, using a Wacom Cintique tablet, Herman draws a caricature of a woman hailing a taxi.

Watch HERMAN Draw Quick Personality Portraits

August 18, 2010

As If You Are There! Watch over the artist’s shoulder.