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Herman Draws At Macy’s Herald Square

October 31, 2008

It felt like winter for the 150th anniversary of Macy’s at Herald Square. Except it was raining. This is the view East along 34th Street. I was hired to draw customers in the Fragrance Department just inside the entrance in the middle of the block. The store was packed, mostly with tourists. I drew families from Israel, ireland, England… One lady from Bristol told me it was cheaper and safer to shop in new York than in her own city of London ?!? I drew  a sweet man named David who was in the store celebrating his 89th birthday with his girlfriend. I also drew Vicky, a girl that I had drawn 25 years ago when I first worked at Macy’s.




Bush Supports Rhoda

October 30, 2008

Rhoda the Realtor’s new ad, ( which appears in Cove Notes in Harmon Cove, Secaucus, New Jersey ), features George and Laura Bush walking their dog on the lawn of the White House and discussing the need to call Rhoda to find them a new home.




( the ad is shown without the copy )

Birthday Party at Famous Restaurant in Yonkers

October 20, 2008

Have you experienced downtown Yonkers, New York lately? Check out this classy mural down near the waterfront.


The view of the Hudson River is fabulous, also. Right next to the unusual restaurant, X2O.


Party Artist Philip Herman was at X2O last weekend drawing personality portraits of the guests. This first gentleman is a diamond grader, French, and an immaculate dresser.


The next woman is a MediaDiva ( patent and copyright pending )


This last sample is a romantic couple who wanted to be drawn crossing the 7 mile bridge in the Florida Keyes while dolphins and sea turtles frollicked.

Herman Draws on Special Wedding Border Design

October 19, 2008

One of the custom artwork items I offer is specially-designed paper incorporating your theme onto which i draw people’s party portraits at the affair. Pictured here is the latest custom design ” Lucky in Love “.


Also pictured are two guests at the party as they appear after being drawn by Herman.


click on images for larger view

Late Night Bash in White Plains

October 19, 2008

Last Weekend Herman drew personality portraits at an Italian restaurant in downtown White Plains, New York.

Danielle is one of the dancers, studying to be a dentist; and she has a cute little chihuahua, so I drew her extracting a tooth from her doggie.

Three girls had the creative idea to be drawn as mermaids.

Herman Draws At Highlawn Pavilion

October 19, 2008

This view of Manhattan and much more can be seen from the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, New Jersey. For first-time visitors like me the initial view is so expansive it’s breath-taking. Here is part of the view as you drive up towards the overlook.

The building is a short walk to the left. And the same views entice us from every window in the dining room. Herman drew quick black&white portraits today, and here are two of the party guests and their drawing.

Warm Fall day embraces New York area

October 9, 2008


Gorgeous day's essence reflected in subtle flower

Gorgeous day

After too many chilly days, today’s sun rose on a warm, moist landscape. Early on, the crows warned me there was mischief about. A couple of strange hawks ( probably Cooper’s on their way south ) were hanging around like nazgul from the ‘Lord of the Rings’. I saw the crow’s almost come to blows with them twice. Today’s dog walk yielded a little frog, camouflaged perfectly in the dead leaf colors on the forest floor. Later in the afternoon, I noticed A Lesser Wood PeeWee hanging around the feeder nervously, eyes scanning the skies. ( The Lesser Wood PeeWee never visits the feeder ) So we ran outside to frighten away the hawks again. They cruise like space-ships with gyroscopes, perfectly balanced, unfaltering, swift.

artist Herman draws girl at party on tee riding dolphin

October 7, 2008

Video of artist Herman drawing Oprah

October 7, 2008

Sluggish Behavior

October 7, 2008

At least twice a day, the artist Philip Herman and his dogs take a walk in the woods, camera in pocket. Sometimes creatures ask to be photographed. Click to enlarge.