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Warm Fall day embraces New York area

October 9, 2008


Gorgeous day's essence reflected in subtle flower

Gorgeous day

After too many chilly days, today’s sun rose on a warm, moist landscape. Early on, the crows warned me there was mischief about. A couple of strange hawks ( probably Cooper’s on their way south ) were hanging around like nazgul from the ‘Lord of the Rings’. I saw the crow’s almost come to blows with them twice. Today’s dog walk yielded a little frog, camouflaged perfectly in the dead leaf colors on the forest floor. Later in the afternoon, I noticed A Lesser Wood PeeWee hanging around the feeder nervously, eyes scanning the skies. ( The Lesser Wood PeeWee never visits the feeder ) So we ran outside to frighten away the hawks again. They cruise like space-ships with gyroscopes, perfectly balanced, unfaltering, swift.