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Corporate Deal Toys of the Past

March 23, 2020

Spending an enormous amount of time organizing past Corporate Deal Art.

All of this art was created specifically for corporations to their instructions.


Herman Goes To Washington

March 10, 2018

artist Philip Herman was in DC a few days ago to demonstrate the versatility of the Aquos electronic whiteboard.

Chemprene promotional poster

October 16, 2009
in house inspirational poster to get employees excited

in house inspirational poster to get employees excited

Recession Is Over, Pepperidge Farm Leads

June 4, 2009


Pepperidge Farm Has Sense Of Humor

Pepperidge Farm Has Sense Of Humor

Some very smart people at Pepperidge Farm had a meeting in Midtown manhattan recently; at which they did something daring, edgy, and wonderful. They made fun of themselves.

They commissioned me to create a boardroom scene depicting each of them in a comedic way as a gift to one of their leaders. Rarely does a corporate group have the fortitude and bravery to expose their personalities to each other.

Hats off to the representatives of Pepperidge Farm. America is on it’s way to a new normal; a more honest, realistic corporate sensibility.

For those of you interested in such things, the artwork is done in chalk, marker, colored ink, and colored pencil.