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Sherlock Holmes Finds Herman

December 30, 2009
Morton Downey Jr finds artist Herman as Dr House approaches

self-promo art for caricaturist Philip Herman

Tee Shirt Caricature From Photo

November 30, 2009


whimsical caricature of elderly couple on cruise ship watching dolphin

airbrush drawing caricature from photo


Macy’s Herald Square Caricatures For Kids By Herman

November 27, 2009

Watch Philip Herman draw quick black & white portraits on special pre-printed paper before the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Herman draws baseball

November 20, 2009

Herman’s Got Talent

July 30, 2009
parody of the TV show America's Got Talent

parody of the TV show America's Got Talent

Artist/Performer Philip Herman

October 5, 2008